Last time edited 01.02.2023
Accordionfest MTÜ
Laanelille tee 2-19
74001 Viimsi – EE

Head of Masterclass: Mikk Langeproon

In order to ensure a high quality of the event and the best experience for both students and teachers, we have established a set of terms to be followed during the application process and the event itself. By submitting the application form you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Applciation process and fees

  1. After submitting the application form, Accordionfest MTÜ will either confirm or deny your enrolment within the 48 hours.
  2. Denial can occur if the maximum number of participants has already been reached, or if the applicant is considered too young for the masterclass. The head of masterclass has a right to refuse an application for any additional reasons specific to the particular case.
  3. The masterclass fee for applications submitted before 01.06.2023 is 140€. Application fee for submissions from 01.06.-01.09.2023 is 280€.
  4. The fee covers: lessons, lectures, access to all concerts for the participant and family members (up to 4 including the participant) and access to any other event that is part of Accordionfest 2023.
  5. The fee does not cover: accommodation costs, travel expenses, food, or any other item not mentioned in the article 4. However, we have convenient deals with the accommodation providers and lunch places, of which you will be informed in appropriate time before the masterclass.
  6. The masterclass fee is paid via bank transfer within the deadline specified on the invoice. The invoices are sent out within 2 weeks since the confirmation of the enrolment.
  7. In case of an overdue invoice, Accordionfest MTÜ does not guarantee the place in masterclass.
  8. Paid invoices are non-refundable.
  9. One month before the beginning of masterclass, cancellations are non-refundable and issued invoices are due to payment.
  10. In case of a no-show, without prior notice, the applicant will be charged the full price of masterclass, regardless of discount obtained at the time of applying.
  11. Passive participation is free and application is not neccessary. However, notifying your presence to the head of masterclass is appreciated.

During the masterclass

  1. Every participant will get a maximum of 5 lessons/lectures from different teachers combined.
  2. The head of masterclass will send the schedule to all participants latest one week before the start of masterclass.
  3. If you have any specific hours of the day where you cannot attend the masterclass, those have to be specified in the application form, or via email latest one month before the start of masterclass. We do not guarantee to be able to take in consideration late notices.
  4. Every absence from scheduled lessons has to be notified one day ahead of the lesson. Exception are emergencies and health reasons, which should be notified as soon as they occur.
  5. Due to the intense dynamic of the event, we cannot guarantee missed lessons to be recovered.
  6. Participants are expected to arrive to the lesson punctual with the prior warm-up.
  7. Candidates who’s usual residence is not in Tallinn or nearby, will be provided with practice rooms every day during the masterclass.
  8. Masterclass ends with a concert performed by students. The performance is not mandatory, although we expect availability by all participants.
  9. We do not guarantee performance in concert to everyone, although we will try to ensure it.
  10. Masterclass teachers have a full discretion and authority to decide the final concert program and list of performers during the masterclass.

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